Hi, I'm Rob. I like playing with computers, riding my bike, drawing pictures, reading philosophy, and dreaming about one day finishing a project!

I live in the Cloud™, downtown TO, by myself and work for a local startup. I sit in various adjustable chairs, press various plastic buttons, and read a lot of the same thing over and over again.

I wonder a lot about the absurdity of conscious existence. Like, if all the atoms in my body have been replaced with different atoms since I was born, am I the same person I think about in my head? Is my Twitter account real when I'm asleep? Is it better to have lots of money or lots of friends? If you create artifacts like books or paintings or programs, does it "make the world better" when you no longer exist in that world?

At any rate, I think there is only now, and there's no time to waste worrying about it too much.

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