Counterpointal Miscommunication

by Rob McLarty on April 10, 2015

Flying high above the communities of emotion,
Looking down through dark clouds and hazy visions,
You see the inhabitants of lands unknown,
Zipping past existence in blurred memories.

A comet shoots through the atmosphere;
A ride from other worlds come landing.
Skipping across the landscape undecided;
Free choice is destiny-combined fate.

Fire engulfs the perception of the dreamer.
At last the true beauty of sensation revealed!
Frieghtening embrace of scattered energy,
Upholds hope for all tomorrow's parties.

Ever changing, ever lasting, ever moving,
The stars' prince will forever join with spirited dances.
Lauging, dancing, feeling, changing,
Broken free to oblivious connection.

Avant le fin, vous savez exister.
Mon petit prince, come vous etes sage.

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