I made an HTML5 game in 3 days called "Cancer Bird"

I attended a local 3-day game jam with my friend Ilya Schwarz at which I made an HTML5 game while learning the ImpactJS Engine.

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TOJam 2013

TOJam is an annual game dev jam for local artists and developers to get together and challenge themselves to make a working game in 3 days flat. My friend Ilya invited me to go with him and we had a lot of fun making our first HTML5 game called "Cancer Bird". I did all the coding while Ilya made some great animations. I took this opportunity to teach myself ImpactJS which turned out to be a lot easier than I thought.

I wouldn't call this a "finished" game, but it works, has a beginning middle and end, and is kind of fun. This is our minimum viable product, with a lot of fine-tuning and enhancement to come...

Play the Game

Play Cancer Bird

Note that this is faaaar from optimized, so expect little animation glitches, download times, and possibly bugs. If you do find a bug, please let me know!

WTF is going on?

You play as Jennifer, the space cancer, fallen to a planet (maybe this is Earth?) where your goal is to stay alive by sucking the life out of the indigenous life that (for now) is made up of strange-looking hotdog birds that fly by.

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How does it work?

You have a health meter at the top-left of the screen (kind of hard to see at the moment) which represents the life force of your current host. When that bar runs out, the host will die and you'll fall off. If you're lucky, you'll land on another host before you die.

You can control your current host with the arrow keys, and you can initiate pre-emptive jump by hitting the space bar. To stay alive, it's usually a good idea to jump off while you're within the "zone of influence" of another life form (if you're in this zone, you'll be automatically attracted to that life form and take over it's brain so you can control it). The zone of influence is indicated by a large purple halo with sparkles.

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How do you win?

Our idea is that this will be an endless level where your goal is to simply rack up as much time on the clock as you can (the higher your time, the higher your score). But we weren't able to build this functionality in 3 days, so we opted for a finite level. At the end of this level (if you can stay alive long enough) is a large group of atomic walruses, which if you get close enough to will supply you with an infinite amount of life force for you to survive on, thus winning the game.

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Like I said, this is just our first iteration. We're still working on it to make it better (both graphically and technically) and hope to release the final version in about a month. So stay tuned!