My name's Rob. I live in Toronto. I make stuff on the interwebs. I believe in the free and open exchange of information. This is my blog.

A Mingling of Ideas

I spent many restless nights trying to determine my focus for this site. On the one hand I felt like I wanted to be able to convince through logic, argue precisely, and support with references and statistics to get closer to the truth. But on the other hand I know my time is limited and my focus is divided which makes it difficult for me to devote the time required for the kind of in-depth analyses I'd like. Ultimately what matters most to me is sharing new ideas and concepts. I'm going to focus on that.

So, these posts aren't necessarily made of iron-clad proof but I believe what I'm posting is worth sharing. My priority is to express more than prove. I revise my thoughts every day with access to new information and different ways of looking at things and I want to share the ideas I feel are worth thinking about so you can consider them too. I only hope that this stuff can help nudge you closer to your own goals.

Copy Me

This is about sharing ideas. Use them. Copy them. Make something new from what you gain. I want to help solve problems. There's no copyright here, or (I believe) can be possible in the information age. But most importantly, I think that innovation prospers in a free culture of working together, sharing, and helping; not under lockdown, behind walled gardens, or dictated by lawyers. I'm putting my thoughts out here on the web to spread knowledge. I have no illusions about thinking the internet (and information) can be controlled. Feel free to build on this (and don't forget where it came from ;)

Hire Me

If you like what you're seeing, and need help with your online presence, you might be interested in hiring me to consult, develop, design, or strategize. I think my ability to adapt and find solutions to unique problems is what's really worth paying for. I'm good at figuring stuff out that can't be found in a book or on Google.

Share with Me

Lastly, I love feedback. If you agree or disagree or have something you'd like to add or share I'd be overjoyed to hear it, see it, or think about it. Information wants to be free.

You can email me any time at r@robmclarty.com